Are We Ready for a $5m Gene Therapy?

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Episode two of the Phacilitate Leaders World super plenary sessions with Dave Lennon, President of Avexis, Inc

Episode two of the Phacilitate Leaders World super plenary discussions sees Anthony Davies quizzing Dave Lennon, President of AveXis about the projected cost of (the now FDA-approved) Zolgensma, which, at the time of filming was in the $4-5m range.

However, the reported cost upon FDA approval last week of $2.1m per patient has further pushed the drug pricing boundaries, paving the way for a new era of pricing and reimbursement.

So, how does this compare to the spend of our healthcare on caring for long-term diseases? Think dialysis, enzyme replacement therapies, oligonucleotide therapies and the like... Dave gives his take on this, ICER's health economics evaluation and how they are working with the healthcare system and payers around reimbursement from instalment plans to amortisation.

Anthony also gives some insight into his research, which hypothesised that if the three recently approved advanced therapies (Kymriah, Yescarta, Luxterna) reached 100% market penetrance at current North American pricing then the effect of that on North American drug spend would be LESS than a 0.1% increase. A comparable situation at 20% had the spend more than double.

Watch the interview to hear more about pricing, dosing challenges, AveXis' approach to manufacturing and more.


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